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So they are doing one.

There is apparently some level of fan interactivity?!/The_TF_Club/status/192633507690987520

Just wanted to let LJ people know.

Oh, also! Mostly for Aka, Becca, and Ravyn. My package pick-up time is 8:30-9:30 PM on Wednesday or 4:00-5:00 PM on Thursday. I want to aim for the 8:30 PM pick-up on Wednesday, which means I should probably be standing in line at 7:30 PM, which means I should probably have dinner on Wednesday at 6:30 PM (or earlier)? That leaves my Thursday totally clear for whatever. However, if me doing the Thursday pick-up from 4:00-5:00 PM is more convenient for people's plans, let me know, and I can re-jigger my schedule.


Apr. 7th, 2012 01:07 pm
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For those of you with e-book readers, what model do you have? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?
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My e-mail is compromised. If you get spam from me, please report it as junk. I'm sorry. :(
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The cover of MTMTE #1 homages a Justice League cover.

This cover, in fact

Rung - Doctor Fate
Rodimus - Green Lantern
Eject - Captain Marvel
Drift - Doctor Light
Chromedome - Blue Beetle
Ultra Magnus - Batman
Red Alert - Martian Manhunter
Whirl - Oberon
Ratchet - Mister Miracle
Cyclonus - Black Canary

This is amazing and hilarious.

Two of my friends commented that Transformers: Prime is nice and all, but they'd rather see IDW's MTMTE as a cartoon than more of Prime, and for the time being, I have to agree with them. MTMTE is designed in something of an episodic fashion, which would suit a TV show well.

However, there are two main cast female robots, Arcee and Airachnid, in Transformers: Prime. There are no women in MTMTE thus far. So, clearly, two of the MTMTE cast need to be genderswapped. We concluded that Red Alert and Ratchet should get turned into ladies. Red Alert was female in Animated, so why not? Budiansky wanted Ratchet to be female in G1, but Hasbro wouldn't let him, so why not make Ratchet female now?

It would have to be cel animation. Glorious cel animation.

One of my friends has the theory that Rodimus and his crew, who are out looking for the Knights of Cybertron, who left Cybertron a very long time ago, have been cast into the past and are actually the Knights of Cybertron that they are looking for and just don't know it yet.

I would like to further add to the wild speculation and suggest that Rodimus one of the ancient good Primes, thereby making him something like his own grandfather. Optimus never noticed Rodimus in the Matrix because of, uh, name translation errors, yeah. Rodimus did not die but handed the Matrix off to Nova because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then Rodimus returns to the future, very confused and mildly disturbed.
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This article contains profanity, sarcasm, and dramatic hyperbole.

The basic point of it is that when children do mean things to each other, adults often tell the children, "It is just because s/he likes you." (The article deals with boys picking on girls, but the author admits in the comments that girls do it to boys, too. Personally, girls will pick on girls, and boys will pick on boys, too.) When one stops and thinks about it, this message is incomplete. In some cases, one child is picking on the other because that child cannot properly express his or her feelings on interest in the other child. However, sometimes, one child is picking on the other because that child is having a bad day or because that child is not very good at empathy yet or any number of reasons that have nothing to do with the one child liking the other child.

(As a personal anecdote, I was bullied as a child. I was, in fact, once carried off to the playground because I couldn't walk, sent to the emergency room, had to get x-rays, and had to have months of follow-up treatment as a result. I do not recall that the boy was punished in any way. Did the boy do this to me because he liked me? He certainly did not. He did that to me because I had something that he wanted and he thought that yanking a heavy object out of someone's hands is an appropriate method of acquiring the object. In other words, he was not yet mature enough to know that stealing was wrong, and that lack of understanding was why I had to go to the hospital. Liking had nothing to do with it.)

So, teaching children that, "It is just because s/he likes you," is an incomplete message, and it fails children in some ways, because there is a valuable teachable moment to be had there. Instead, adults could say something to the effect of, "No one should ever insult you, touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, steal your possessions, or hurt you. If someone does this to you, you need to tell him or her in a loud, firm voice, 'No! Stop doing [whatever the offensive action is]. I don't like it.'" Then the adult and child can practice saying this out loud, because from personal experience, it takes some practice to become comfortable shouting in a clear and assertive manner. Then the adult can further explain, "Some adults will tell you that the other child is doing this offensive action because he or she likes you, and then that adult will laugh it off and do nothing. This reaction is not appropriate of that adult. If the action is upsetting you, then the matter is important to you, and the action needs to stop. Now, there are many reasons why another child might do this sort of thing. He or she might be having a bad day and is taking it out on other people. He or she might not have a lot of self-confidence and might feel that hurting other people makes him or her look cool. He or she might not yet understand that other people have feelings, too. Sometimes, he or she might be doing it to express an interest and is expressing that interest in the wrong way. However, whatever the reason why this child is doing the offensive behaviour, it is inappropriate, and it needs to stop. If the child is really doing this offensive behaviour to express a friendly interest, he or she is just going to scare away potential friends, because no one wants to be treated like that and that is not how anyone should treat their friends. So that other child needs to learn better ways to express his or her interest, which will be better for everyone. Never let anyone treat you improperly, whatever the reason."

Think about it for a moment. Even if a child is just acting out because he or she has a friendly interest in another child, what good does it do to let that maladaptive behaviour continue? It does not do any good at all. The sooner that child learns appropriate ways to express his or her feelings, the better.

On the other hand, if the child is acting out for some other reason, addressing the root cause of that maladaptive behaviour is still a good idea. Maybe the child does not know to properly deal with his or her anger. Maybe the child is hungry, because there is not enough food at home, and that makes the child cranky and violent at school. There could be any number of reasons.

Finally, I think it is a good message to teach children that they should not put up with annoying or worse behaviour from other children and especially they should be taught that is not how friends should treat each other.
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You know what would be neat? If Raf and Bumblebee both 'spoke' correct American Sign Language, and then there were subtitles for what they were 'saying'. Sign Language doesn't get a lot of portrayal in mainstream media. Then Raf could explain that one of his siblings is deaf or something, so his family knows ASL. They could do it in a way that is mildly educational but not preachy. Then, at least, they'd be addressing a real world issue in a respectful way, and the subtitles would let everyone else know what is going on.

(As for why Bumblebee is using ASL.... uh... he learned it from the internet.)
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spoilers! )
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A very slight spoiler for those who have no idea what the cast of DotM is. Otherwise...

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Rambling )
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Omega Supreme
Name: Omar Hayward
(Omar was picked because it sounds similar to Omega. Hayward refers to someone who guards an enclosed forest. Enclosed forest, Crystal City, close enough.)
Career: police secretary (He wanted to help people and guard stuff. No one is sure why they have him doing paperwork. I may change this to something slightly more logical, but then again, it amuses me.)
The way Omar is built, he could probably play football and basketball at the same time and be good at both. He has bright orange chin-length hair with some steely grey creeping in. His eyes are a bright, clear blue.

Emirate Xaaron
Name: Sharon Xavier
(Her name was picked purely based on how it sounds.)
Career: lawyer
Favouring buttercream power skirt suits and light grey button-up shirts, Sharon Xavier manages to have a commanding presence, despite being a woman of unimpressive height. Age shows in the lines of her face, but there is a verve and vitality about her. Her skin has a tawny glow to it, and she is a blonde going grey. Sharon doesn't bother to attempt to hide the silver. She's been around the block, and she'll use the block to beat people with if she has to. If one is in very close, one can see that she has four scars around her lips, cleverly disguised with makeup. While known as cutthroat and ruthless, Ms. Xavier is also principled and has been known to refuse clients.

Name: Spencer Hunt
(Spencer was picked based on how it sounds. Hunt was picked because he hunts people.)
Career: SWAT sniper
Spencer is a relatively tall man with a wiry build. His skin is extremely dark, and his eyes have a hard, cold set to them. When he isn't in his uniform, he tends to wear a pink tank top, blue jacket with many pockets, teal cargo pants, teal bandana around his neck, and blank dog tags. There is sniggering about how much pink he wears. There is more sniggering over how he always brings that fruitcake Ned with him to events. He has a framed picture of Ned on his desk and reads far too many dry, boring manuals in his spare time.

Name: Nimbus Mayes
(Nimbus is a sort of cloud, and Skyblast like flying. Mayes was picked because it sounds like Maze, and there is a Magic card called Nimbus Maze. I'm a geek. Deal.)
Career: starving artist/kiddie face-painter at parties and festivals
Nimbus, often called Nimmy, Nim, or Nimrod, is a slight little man. His skin is a bit ashy, like he spends too much time inside at work on his art projects, but his hair is a bright gold blond, tumbling down to his chin. His eyes are grey, flecked with gold, and quite cheerful. His clothing tends to be a bit paint-splattered.

Name: Sable Connolly
(Sable means black, so Black Connolly, which sounds like Black Convoy. Connolly itself means "the descendent of the valorous," which she is.)
Career: trucker
Sable Conolly is a fairly short, lightly built woman. She has pale skin, and her teal hair is drawn back in a ponytail. Her eyes, when not hidden behind mirrored red sunglasses, are a fetching shade of violet. Despite her stature, there is an imposing, almost military air about her. She is most likely to be found wearing the aforementioned red shades, a black BDU, steel-toed boots, and gloves. A curious wrought iron bracelet set with a star ruby circles one of her wrists, too tight to have been slipped on but lacking any latch or clasp. Sable wears a surplus Kevlar vest under her clothes and a gun at her hip. Girl don't play around.
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Timeframe: Post Wolf-Arc
Characters: Needlenose, Spinister
Rating: G (Lunatron wrote fluff! Shock! Horror!)

3. Silly Needlenose )
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Just credit me if you want to use them.
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How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension43
Your crimeForgetting to flock your Dumbledore/Grindelwald/Hitler comm.
Who reported youdoom_bees
Your fateWe'll never forget you, honest.
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Canon: IDW Transformers, circa Megatron: Origins
Title: Iacon's Finest
Rating: R for violence and robotic cussing
Word Count: 1,967
Summary: Spinister wasn't always a Decepticon.

Iacon's Finest )


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