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Birthdate:May 11
I'm Canadian. Um, yeah ...

random banners/colour bars that I have made:

Zombie robots are love.

Mayhem Attack Squad flyboys are love.

Because I feel like it, I'm going to explain my online avatar's backstory. So a friend of mine did a Mary Sue-fic writing contest, and for my entry, I wrote a fic about the princess of the Insecticons, who was the daughter of the Insecticon leader Venom. So I got stuck with Venom as my online avatar's parent. Then, a few of my other friends decided that the Constructicons were also my parents. First it was just Hook, and then Scrapper got appended to the list, and then it all went downhill from there. Different online friends decided that, oh, I really needed some Seeker in my lineage and added in the coneheaded, wingdown Seeker Thrust. (This also gives me the Ten Deadliest Killers as relatives and a double-relation to the Insecticons.) To add a further knot to my family, Megatron G1 and Megatron BW were also added! All in all, I think that my online avatar must have been the Decepticons' science fair project or something.

So, my friends, one learns that if one allows one's friends to choose who one's parents are, one gets nine daddies and no mothers. There's probably some moral in that.
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