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Omega Supreme
Name: Omar Hayward
(Omar was picked because it sounds similar to Omega. Hayward refers to someone who guards an enclosed forest. Enclosed forest, Crystal City, close enough.)
Career: police secretary (He wanted to help people and guard stuff. No one is sure why they have him doing paperwork. I may change this to something slightly more logical, but then again, it amuses me.)
The way Omar is built, he could probably play football and basketball at the same time and be good at both. He has bright orange chin-length hair with some steely grey creeping in. His eyes are a bright, clear blue.

Emirate Xaaron
Name: Sharon Xavier
(Her name was picked purely based on how it sounds.)
Career: lawyer
Favouring buttercream power skirt suits and light grey button-up shirts, Sharon Xavier manages to have a commanding presence, despite being a woman of unimpressive height. Age shows in the lines of her face, but there is a verve and vitality about her. Her skin has a tawny glow to it, and she is a blonde going grey. Sharon doesn't bother to attempt to hide the silver. She's been around the block, and she'll use the block to beat people with if she has to. If one is in very close, one can see that she has four scars around her lips, cleverly disguised with makeup. While known as cutthroat and ruthless, Ms. Xavier is also principled and has been known to refuse clients.

Name: Spencer Hunt
(Spencer was picked based on how it sounds. Hunt was picked because he hunts people.)
Career: SWAT sniper
Spencer is a relatively tall man with a wiry build. His skin is extremely dark, and his eyes have a hard, cold set to them. When he isn't in his uniform, he tends to wear a pink tank top, blue jacket with many pockets, teal cargo pants, teal bandana around his neck, and blank dog tags. There is sniggering about how much pink he wears. There is more sniggering over how he always brings that fruitcake Ned with him to events. He has a framed picture of Ned on his desk and reads far too many dry, boring manuals in his spare time.

Name: Nimbus Mayes
(Nimbus is a sort of cloud, and Skyblast like flying. Mayes was picked because it sounds like Maze, and there is a Magic card called Nimbus Maze. I'm a geek. Deal.)
Career: starving artist/kiddie face-painter at parties and festivals
Nimbus, often called Nimmy, Nim, or Nimrod, is a slight little man. His skin is a bit ashy, like he spends too much time inside at work on his art projects, but his hair is a bright gold blond, tumbling down to his chin. His eyes are grey, flecked with gold, and quite cheerful. His clothing tends to be a bit paint-splattered.

Name: Sable Connolly
(Sable means black, so Black Connolly, which sounds like Black Convoy. Connolly itself means "the descendent of the valorous," which she is.)
Career: trucker
Sable Conolly is a fairly short, lightly built woman. She has pale skin, and her teal hair is drawn back in a ponytail. Her eyes, when not hidden behind mirrored red sunglasses, are a fetching shade of violet. Despite her stature, there is an imposing, almost military air about her. She is most likely to be found wearing the aforementioned red shades, a black BDU, steel-toed boots, and gloves. A curious wrought iron bracelet set with a star ruby circles one of her wrists, too tight to have been slipped on but lacking any latch or clasp. Sable wears a surplus Kevlar vest under her clothes and a gun at her hip. Girl don't play around.
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The Autobots have a lot of young characters, particularly punk kid characters.

Slingshot, Holi, Swerve, Wedge, Skyblast... I'm not sure if Synapse and Bumblebee count, too. Long Haul's much younger than he usually is.

Wheelie is, of course, a Predacon, not an Autobot.

Then again, they also have Kup, Emirate Xaaron, and Omega Supreme, who are all pretty old.

Arcee, Perceptor, Jazz, and Nightbeat seem to be the only ones in the middle of the spectrum, and the point could be argued on Arcee.


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