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From here

Team 1: Characters from the last movie you watched
Team 2: Characters from the last TV show you watched

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and his posse versus Dr. Oz.

Yeah, Abraham Lincoln wins, though I'm not sure why they'd be fighting. I think Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Oz would get along okay, unless Dr. Oz is secretly an evil vampire and/or slave-owner.
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Now David Willis is defending me and common decency in general!

I continue to find this whole saga hilarious, though I am baffled that it has gotten as much attention as it has.

I know some people do not like cosplay. That is fine. However, there are diplomatic ways to express that dislike, such as, "I do not like cosplay."

I also know that some people do not like the Transformers Collectors' Club magazine. That is fine, too. Ideally that dislike should be expressed politely and coupled with constructive criticism, if at all possible. For example, "I don't like the cosplayers on the cover. I would rather see new toys on the cover," would be a good constructive comment to express a certain viewpoint.

For the record, I'm not actually hurt or upset. I am darkly amused. So some people are not communicating effectively or politely on the internet. That's not news.
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In my dream, Wayward Insectico: had a G1 Marvel style Emirate Xaaron toy. She was doing this plotline where Xaaron was trying to seduce Dinobot away from BW Megatron, because Xaaron is a manipulative troll and also because her Xaaron was lonely because she didn't have any Springer or Impactor toys in this dream. So then Xaaron ended up talking to BW Megatron and asking him what to do, and eBay was the answer. Then the scene segued to inside Wayward Insecticon's dishwasher machine. She had this Impactor mug, and I wanted it. Then the mug knocked over and an Impactor was inside! Except it was clearly in an IDW Impactor. So then I was all 'boo' when Xaaron and Impactor were making out, because they were from different continuities, and it didn't make sense.

This is very silly.
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The cover of MTMTE #1 homages a Justice League cover.

This cover, in fact

Rung - Doctor Fate
Rodimus - Green Lantern
Eject - Captain Marvel
Drift - Doctor Light
Chromedome - Blue Beetle
Ultra Magnus - Batman
Red Alert - Martian Manhunter
Whirl - Oberon
Ratchet - Mister Miracle
Cyclonus - Black Canary

This is amazing and hilarious.

Two of my friends commented that Transformers: Prime is nice and all, but they'd rather see IDW's MTMTE as a cartoon than more of Prime, and for the time being, I have to agree with them. MTMTE is designed in something of an episodic fashion, which would suit a TV show well.

However, there are two main cast female robots, Arcee and Airachnid, in Transformers: Prime. There are no women in MTMTE thus far. So, clearly, two of the MTMTE cast need to be genderswapped. We concluded that Red Alert and Ratchet should get turned into ladies. Red Alert was female in Animated, so why not? Budiansky wanted Ratchet to be female in G1, but Hasbro wouldn't let him, so why not make Ratchet female now?

It would have to be cel animation. Glorious cel animation.

One of my friends has the theory that Rodimus and his crew, who are out looking for the Knights of Cybertron, who left Cybertron a very long time ago, have been cast into the past and are actually the Knights of Cybertron that they are looking for and just don't know it yet.

I would like to further add to the wild speculation and suggest that Rodimus one of the ancient good Primes, thereby making him something like his own grandfather. Optimus never noticed Rodimus in the Matrix because of, uh, name translation errors, yeah. Rodimus did not die but handed the Matrix off to Nova because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then Rodimus returns to the future, very confused and mildly disturbed.


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