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Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Volume 1 is on sale at Barnes & Noble. It also comes in Nook.

I strongly urge you to check this book out if you haven't been reading the series but enjoy:
- Transformers
- robots
- space
- science fiction
- Doctor Who

Seriously. I would recommend this to people who don't even like Transformers. Some Transformers comics are good 'for a Transformers comic'. This is just a good comic, period.

Roberts refers to TF:MTMTE as "an unholy hybrid of Dark Star, Justice League International, Doctor Who and Arrested Development. Heck, you can throw in Magnolia and X-Files in there too. And Community, for that matter. Essentially, MTMTE is what happens when a superhero team book collides with a space opera sitcom." (Roberts is the writer.)

No word is wasted. The dialogue is packed with history, character quirks, and how the character relate to each other without seeming rushed or forced. The art is great, too. It's easy to understand what's going on, and there are so many little Easter eggs going on in the background. The characters have expressive body language. The plot lines are self-contained and yet set up for what is coming next seamlessly and flow like a river.

This is the sort of series where having the rest of the context is nice but not necessary. If you don't want to pick up the TPB, just go into your local comic store and pick up whatever issue they have and start there! That will work just fine. Or go on the IDW website and buy the e-copies - if you wait a month to purchase them, they're cheaper.

MTMTE is just wonderful. Please, please check it out.

Edit: Here's creator commentary on #6.


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